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TRENDIY | About Us

About Us

TRENDIY is a global online do-it-yourself fashion label.

Created for fashion-loving teen girls who are looking for quirky-cool pieces at affordable prices. We offer a variety of fun, playful, original, design it yourself jewellery & accessories that you can mix and match with anything in your wardrobe for varying occasions.

Educational, the various projects of this original line are more than just activity kits; they are a full-on experience of fashion and current trends.

You decide what styles you like!

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TRENDIY Art’s ultimate goal is to stimulate young girls creativity and originality by introducing them to fashion DIY projects and by providing, through the activities, a certain self-satisfaction generated from a hands-on experience in fashion design.


Each TRENDIY kit comes with its own magazine which includes simple step-by-step instructions, updates on the latest trends, runways and the next ‘it’ fashion designers, plus, columns, interviews with TRENDIY Girls and much more.


The TRENDIY Girls are selected through the fan base of our social media followers. The models, girls between 12-16 years old, are authentic consumers of the product line. They are recruited and chosen based on their personality and character to reflect the vitality of the brand.

TRENDIY on Social Media

TRENDIY art showcases their products and chroniques online with their own website and also on social media platforms, including a Facebook page, an Instagram,Tumblr and a youtube channel. TRENDIY Art is not only a product but a lifestyle for young, creative and fashionable girls.

Fashion Foward

The brand propagates an urban streetwear style and personality. Currently, TRENDIY Art, aims to transition from it’s preteen crafty 2013 collection look to an edgier and more fashion forward feel with the 2014 collection, with a line extension of over 32 sets.

DIY Lifestyle

DIY is already very popular trend but is continually gaining in popularity, TRENDIY Art invites teens to learn to “Do It Yourself” by providing complete and simple sets that allow them to unleash their imagination while having the tools to make it easy. In a generation where most things are digital and disposable, we develop the aspiration for physical objects to hold more personal meaning in our lives. Fashion is no exception. At TRENDIY we believe in making accessory crafting meaningful by encouraging artistic potential while learning values like patience, perseverance and pride of accomplishment.