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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey Trendiy readers! Welcome to TRENDIY Frequently Asked Questions. This page should help answer any questions you have about TRENDIY products. If you would like any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.

To find a list of treasure links to our stockists, please visit Who Stocks Us.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

You can sign up to the TRENDIY newsletter by entering your email address in the newsletter box at the top of the site and click on submit.

Do you have a product guide?

Each of our great TRENDIY Products offers a unique fashion Magazine that comes with simple step-by-step guide to create the type of fashion accessories you want to wear, updates on the latest trends, runways, designers, plus, columns, interviews with Trendiy Girls, and much more.

Could I be a TRENDIY Girl?

TRENDIY girls are selected through the fan base of our social media followers. The models,are authentic consumers of the product line. They are recruited and chosen based on their personality and character of the brand. If you are at least 12-16 years and think you have the right look for us, it’s very likely that you will be noticed. Upload your favourite photos, showcasing your TRENDIY looks on facebook or instagram and tag them with our product. We look for all styles of models to promote through our network.