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TRENDIY DIY Painted Wood Doodle Bracelets

TRENDIY DIY Painted Wood Doodle Bracelets


These painted wood bangles are so fun! The Doodle Bracelet Kit is perfect to make you feel perfectly cool & naughty rock-roll girl but if you wish you had more a tribal look, natural materials such as wood are an earthy way to it pull off. This kit consists entirely of nice quality unpainted wooden bangle bracelets. Make a stack and wear them all together!

To make a stencil for the pattern, use address labels. Just cut a sheet of labels into thirds and then cut each square diagonally to make two triangles, or rectangles. And make sure they are firmly adhered to the bracelet. Cheap and easy!


1 You can also get wood stain, use a foam brush to apply wood stain to all sides of an unfinished bangle bracelet, to give that natural look. Add some tribal patterns if you want, use tape to tape off stripes.
2 The final step is to apply the gloss finish with a soft brush. This will give it a nice sheen and help prevent the paint from chipping.

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